The sessions were both informative and entertaining. The feedback from my staff was very favorable. Everyone gained new techniques and ideas.
R.M., Operations and Support Manager Governmental Programs, IBM

Without your help, I would have been forced to move our senior executive from the project. Your knowledge and breadth of experience made it possible for him to make a difference with our top customer.
D. M., Senior Practice Director, Oracle Corporation

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your work. Interpersonal skills have risen dramatically. Your ability to coordinate and refine negative feedback in a positive, constructive manner is exemplary.
G.S., Senior VP and General Counsel, Dun and Bradstreet

Your one-on-one coaching works miracles! I've gotten more positive in my outlook, face-to- face meetings are more fruitful, and I'm more confident in making presentations to large groups.
H.T., Jr., Investment Representative, Alex. Brown & Sons Inc.

Thank you for expertise in connection with the executive development project. The program you developed specifically for our needs worked very well ---It already appears to have been very successful.
E.S., Vice President and Deputy General Counsel Con Edison

It is now almost 3 months since your engage - ment ended and I find that many of the behaviors that we worked on improving have indeed become a permanent part of our business culture. The results of your effects are deeply appreciated by myself & the management team.
T.B., V.P., The Prudential Insurance Company of America

This letter is being written to you to show our appreciation and also acknowledge the positive contributions your program has made to the individual lives of participants, as well as the Bank in general. I have noticed that there is better communication within the Bank, as well as cooperation between departments. I thank you for your support and sacrifices during the program and hope to invite you to Nigeria again for another session.
E.A., CEO, Nigerian Intercontinental Merchant Bank Ltd.

I just want to send a brief note to let you know how pleased we are with the work you have done for our group at CBS. Your efforts over the past few months have resulted in improved productivity, better morale and increased self-confidence for our executive team. Each individual that worked with you gave glowing reports about the executive development process. Everyone felt that you had helped them grow and improve their ability to communicate and work with their staff and peers. Thank you again for all your help in making our executive development program a success.
J.F., Vice President, CBS

We would like to thank you for the time you spent with Maersk Data's Production Team; you have won our hearts. It was quite an accomplishment for you to successfully work with our Management and voice to them our concerns as well as give us their feedback. It is due to your efforts that we now have a more pleasant work environment and we are grateful. The Production Team is richer by becoming aware of our strengths and shortcomings, we are a better team as a whole from this experience. What joy there is to find growth in one's self by way of a colleague's differences. Your time spent was memorable for us and we benefited from all you taught.
The Maersk Data Production Team

This is just to thank you and to say how much I have enjoyed and appreciated the work you've done for us this year. Each of the people have called me to say how useful it was for them. They especially like the Ah-Ha! that came with learning about "negative processing." I did, too, and I'm still working to make my writing more "positive". You have wonderful talent and insight. Thank you again for the rewarding & valuable experience.
K.V., National Director, PriceWaterhouseCoopers

I just want to express my appreciation for the work you did in preparing for and conducting our retreat. You took us through the important first step toward changing the way we work together. I was very impressed by your perceptions of the Management Team, your analytical skills in helping us see connections that we were too close to "get" as well as the depth of your understanding of us ...it was exactly what was called for.
S.S., Deputy Managing Director, American Lung Association

I waited two months before acknowledging that your turnaround coaching was not just a quick fix. The decision to have you work with us has to be right up there with the top decisions I have made in my business career. Now that I have given myself a pat on the back, let me express my gratitude to you for the excellent work you have done. My employees’ attitudes and improved performance continue to grow during each passing day.
M.M., President, Paper Corporation of The United States (now Unisource)

Meetings have been significantly enhanced due to the subject's increased sensitivity to his surroundings and to the effect he has on others. "Our employees have a better understanding of their own strengths in the workplace and a broader understanding of others."
M.S., Senior VP, Brooklyn Union (now Keyspan)

When I asked for your help in improving the interpersonal communication skills of one of my staff members, the actual gains have exceeded my expectations.
W.W., Senior VP/CIO, Bantam Doubleday Dell

Thank-you for your usual fine performance. The presentation you made to the 35 visiting overseas banking clients was extremely well received. A further indication of the way in which you were received was the fact that one of the attendees engaged your firm to come to Nigeria to conduct on site training in the field of Management Development for individuals and groups as well as team building.
G.A., Vice President, American Express Bank Ltd.