In today’s super-competitive world, the CIO needs an expanded interpersonal skill-sets.

The Geodesic Team Development™ Modules provide you, the corporate CIO, just that!
This practical and relevant series is a collection of Softskills training modules turbo-charged by the Geodesic Theorem™.

By mastering the Geodesic Team Development™ Modules, you will develop the tools to harness a powerful interpersonal phenomenon. As a CIO armed with the power of new wisdom and increased awareness, you will deeply impact how your team functions. You will also super-charge your own strategic and tactical effectiveness.

What You and Your Organization Can Expect

You and your organization can expect tangible as well as intangible benefits from each Geodesic Team Development™ Module. You pick and choose which modules to initially focus on, and we will customize a program to deliver immediate pragmatic benefits.

Group Programs: These training seminars teach new skills and address issues of importance to the CIO, the staff, and the entire organization. We define, develop and create group programs to deepen participants’ understanding of the following topics:


  1. The Impact of Technology and Personality Style on Relationships
  2. Communication Strategies with Top-level Peers
  3. Management Development
  4. Technical Staff Turn-around Tactics
  5. Project Management
  6. Stress Management
  7. Navigating Change
  8. Presentation Skills
  9. Conflict Resolution
  10. Art of Collaboration
  11. Negotiation Skills
  12. Dealing with Brilliant, Difficult and Misunderstood People
  13. Business to Business (B2B) Diplomacy
  14. The Power of Three


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  1. Group Programs [See Above]
  2. Virtual Training [See Below]
  3. Facilitation Retreats [See Below]

Virtual Training: We develop and deliver your customized Geodesic Team Development™ Modules using blended media specifically selected to meet the needs of the organization. We keep the programs interesting, engaging and effective by using the right technology to communicate the message. Sometimes more than one delivery method is needed to produce the most effective results. Based upon the objectives and needs, we employ a combination of:

  1. Web-Based Training
  2. Instructor-Led Training
  3. Webinars
  4. CD, DVD, and MP3 Training

Facilitation Retreats:Sometimes there is a need to go off premises to discuss different areas of importance, including vision, goals, revision of past activities, and anticipated future results needed, etc. Getting away from the pressures of your everyday environment is often relaxing and is also conducive team development.


  1. The Impact of Technology and Personality Style on Relationships: The Geodesic Theorem™ has serious consequences in the context of technology, relationships and communication (a.k.a.: Me, You, Us; individual, team, company)

  2. As wonderful as technology can be, it can also camouflage the real issues in every personality type. It is important to adapt your style to others because… there are other worlds besides yours!

    In this seminar, you are going to see how your personality impacts the way you use technology and how different behaviors accompany a variety of personality types. These different personalities are all seen in the workplace. Not only do different personalities behave differently under pressure, they sometimes act out in unexpected ways. [Learn More]

    For example, a person who likes privacy might find great relief to use (or overuse) email. This use of technology allows for reduced face-to-face and telephone meetings.

    Then there is the person who pushes for results and tends to be busy all the time. This person does not have the patience to read hundreds of emails a day—and might just miss some important messages. In addition to being in a rush and missing an important email, hurriedly sending out a text or email can often backfire and bite you from behind…and even get you fired!


  3. Communication Strategies with Top-level Peers: Apply the Geodesic Theorem™ and discover how to reduce communication gaps found among the various “CXOs.”

  4. Become a star CIO and take an influential seat at the table. This module will teach you how to develop the political, marketing, and interpersonal skills you will need to be a more effective CIO. [Learn More]

    It will help you strengthen your strategic alliances and shine. The difference between a mediocre CIO and a very effective CIO is the ability to interact judiciously in the political and strategic arena of the C-level executives.

    Use the Geodesic Theorem™ to map communication styles and become better integrated into the political decision-making processes of your corporation. By enhancing your ability to align with your C partners, you will take a more pro-active leadership role to strategically create wealth in the company and gain credibility in the eyes of other CXOs. This will enable you to become even more invaluable in helping them accomplish their strategic initiatives while gaining the support for your own.


  5. Management Development: Learn how to apply the Geodesic Theorem™ to coach your department into total alignment with the business blueprint.

  6. Learn strategies to adapt your coaching style for individual situations based upon the staff member’s communication profile.[Learn More]

    One coaching method doesn’t fit all. Develop each person in a communication style unique to that individual.

    With enhanced Geodesic Team Development™ Softskills, you will save time and turn ambiguity into clarity. Enhanced flow in communication reduces stress—renewing synergy. Building this relationship system really can be fun, producing lasting personal and professional outcomes.


  7. Technical Staff Turn-around Tactics: How the Geodesic Theorem™ can enable you to rescue dysfunctional situations

  8. Learn the Geodesic Team Development™ tools to re-energize yourself and your IT staff. Unravel the puzzle of disruptive people and complex political issues. With new awareness, you will bridge the communication gaps that insidiously undermine productivity in your organization. [Learn More]

    In each turn-around assignment, there are often situations that are complicated, untenable, and sometimes downright impossible. You will need to change these fast, and NOW.

    Using the Geodesic Theorem™ in your problem-solving strategies, you can more effectively analyze your situation and masterfully decipher the who, what, how, and why of the dysfunctionality. Then you will be able to create a strategy to clean up the mess and return the focus of the IT staff to legitimate business concerns and user requests. Next you can courageously purge under-performance and jump-start positive energy for innovation. This action on your part will immediately boost poor morale. By restoring lost trust, you will once again re-align your IT department with your business at hand.


  9. Project Management: Learn Geodesic Team Development™ techniques for simplifying the project management process.

  10. When you employ the Geodesic Theorem™ to map the communication styles of your colleagues, partners and staff, you create synergy with other key players for increased buy-in at every level. You will learn techniques to inspire compliance with standards and policies and increase resource collaboration cross-functionally. [Learn More]

    As CIO, it is up to you to close the communication gap among staff. Bring clarity, excitement and renewed energy to your projects, allowing the process to unfold systematically. At this point you can confidently and successfully:

    • re-define roles
    • assign responsibilities
    • set standards
    • explain policies
    • implement evaluations
    • allocate resources
    • set goals and
    • establish objectives


  11. Stress Management: With your Geodesic Team Development™ skills, master powerful methods for ending the endless loop of stress

  12. Rather than focusing on “new age” meditation techniques, this program is about enhancing your interpersonal communication skills to reduce stress.

    One stressful, unresolved interpersonal situation will spill over and eventually infect everything you do. Instead of getting frustrated (and even worse—blowing a fuse), learn new interpersonal communication techniques to deal more effectively when people and situations unfold in ways that are incompatible with your style. Adapt to workplace changes that are tough to take. By becoming more aware, you improve yourself—and your relationship with others. [Learn More]

    Stress is the number one inhibitor of your mind’s natural processes. However, when it is free and uninhibited by these stress invaders, your mind is capable of accessing information faster than any computer.

    Your colleagues may not tell you the strain your anxiety has caused in their lives. However, with these mind-shifting techniques, you will be able to interrupt the endless loop of stress causing more stress. With your heightened and channeled energy, you will activate different pathways to resolve tension, and your revitalized influence will be felt in all spheres.


  13. Navigating Change: Weathering the ride with the principles found in the Geodesic Theorem™.

  14. When you apply the mind-mapping tools inspired by the Geodesic Theorem™ to manage yourself and others, you will discover the ways personality traits determine how smoothly the necessary changes and shifts take place. [Learn More]

    Shaping and embracing corporate change are primary goals for a visionary CIO. That means managing the roller-coaster ride of short-term adjustments to change until they are finally incorporated in long-term innovations. Then as the change is implemented, you can bring to the table the positive qualities of humor, equanimity, persistence and vision to replace the negative emotions of shock, fear and resistance that often occur in the upheaval of corporate change.

    Mastery of these techniques will enable you to foster exuberance and acceptance. It will also facilitate support for new strategies, projects and procedures, thus enhancing your personal brand as a high-performance IT leader.


  15. Presentation Skills: From this Geodesic Team Development™ Module, learn how to create your own personal presentation brand based upon your preferred communication style.

  16. Your personal brand—how you represent yourself—comes across through the various communication venues that you use.

    “People skills,” in turn, impact your ability to deliver your important presentations in various formats (mass communication). [Learn More]

    • Face-to-Face Encounters
    • Public Speaking
    • Print, Broadcast and Internet
    • Social Media, and
    • Virtual Platforms

    This unique presentation skills program shows you how to map your own preferred communication style to reformulate and enhance your personal brand for more effective mass communication.

    Learning these techniques will help you deepen your connection with your audience, generate more physical energy, become more relaxed, control vocal energy, and use vocal variety to inspire and motivate others.

    Applying communication techniques influenced by the Geodesic Theorem™ will enhance your brand by identifying and using different approaches to fit various purposes of speaking. Knowing your audience determines whether you speak to inform, speak to influence, or to speak diplomatically. Learn how to think on your feet and “buy time.” Master ways to deal with disruptive people and spontaneous questions.


  17. Conflict Resolution: By applying principles from the Geodesic Theorem™, you will discover the Power of Turning Conflict into Strength.

  18. This seminar is designed for both novices and veterans who are interested in resolving conflicts. You will learn conflict resolution skills in the context of your own group dynamics and in your own setting. You will discover how to mediate disputes, strengthen interpersonal rapport, and also coach others.

    Program content includes how to focus on your mind-set, as well as how to take advantage of the language and negotiation skills you bring to the mediation process. In addition, you will explore what blocks communication and discover what promotes it. When you master how to use these important Geodesic Team Development™ tools, you can turn any conflict into fuel for innovation. [Learn More]

    In the context of dealing with difficult people, learning how to use personality mapping skills informed by the Geodesic Theorem™ produces new strategy options by boosting your emotional intelligence. New awareness will enable you to better manage yourself and others. This includes listening, framing/ re-framing, and handling strong emotions. Joint problem solving, win-win-win negotiation, and innovation are the outcomes. Stronger relationships with staff ensue, resulting in more efficient use of time and energy.


  19. Art of Collaboration: Use Geodesic Team Development™ strategies to create a “Unifying Team Identity,” “Joint Ownership of Goals,” and a “Shared Reality.”

  20. At the core of building a successful team stands the personal brand of its leader. Learn how to identify your own unique communication style as well as those of your team members to take your team to a new level of cohesiveness and trust. [Learn More]

    Build on the team’s shared vision to cement a strong team identity. Unite them in a common purpose, and coach each player in identifying his or her key role. Foster understanding of others’ roles. Create an atmosphere in which diversity of opinion is tolerated, embraced, appreciated, and encouraged.

    The group format of this Geodesic Team Development™ Module focuses on improving behavior and communication among your team members to engender creativity and collaboration, and even to foster a sense of playfulness.

    As members help each other identify their individual personality and communication styles, everyone is freer to reveal strengths, limitations, and blind spots. It is only when you take the time to discover and extract the best from each person that you can transform a group of disparate people into a collaborative team. The art of balancing strengths and weaknesses drives innovation forward, creating exciting synergy and exponential results.


  21. Negotiation Skills: How to apply the Geodesic Theorem™ to negotiate winning solutions for all parties.

  22. This Geodesic Team Development™ Module starts with the premise that all negotiation takes place within a triad of “me, you and us.” There is always a win/win/win solution when the parties are able to shift awareness back and forth between each level (i.e., individual, departmental, and enterprise). [Learn More]

    The process uncovers the shared identity, true needs and intentions behind the various parties’ requests. In this safe and protected context, solutions often emerge spontaneously, thus facilitating a mutually beneficial resolution.

    Mastery of these techniques will enable you to transform opposing parties into allies and create an environment where winning solutions emerge naturally with an honest buy-in from all parties.


  23. Dealing with Brilliant, Difficult and Misunderstood People: A Customized Geodesic Team Development™ Module that focuses on Understanding Personality Types and the Consequences of Behavior

    Like a computer, human beings have an operating system that becomes our default….our personality and communication style. Just as with computers, new software can be added…the earlier version or behaviors are no long used, and the newer version with more appropriate skills kicks in.

    “It’s my way or the highway!” If you are experiencing outbursts of arrogance, inflexibility, paranoia, know-it-all attitudes, argumentative responses, controlling, intimidating or other negative behaviors in your workplace, this program will definitely help!

    As human beings, we all have a particular personality style with identifying characteristics. Often, others see and experience these characteristics, but usually, we can’t see them or admit to them. That’s called having blind spots. [Learn More]

    Targeted to uncover and eliminate destructive interpersonal patterns sometimes displayed by brilliant yet misunderstood people in high-profile situations, this intensive customized behavioral turn-around program is the path to your success as a savvy CIO.

    With Dr. Gardner’s laser-beam ability to zoom in on issues, this program provides team members and leaders with new wisdom, skills, and strategies. You and your staff will discover ways to save time and energy, and learn how to interact more positively with others on your team and elsewhere.


  24. Business to Business (B2B) Diplomacy: Geodesic Team Development™ strategies for Client and/or Customer Retention & Development.

  25. This module contains many of the elements of the above-mentioned seminars. However, in addition, it is specifically targeted to remedy awkward situations that could seriously impact a company’s brand, its reputation and even its viability. [Learn More]

    Diplomacy is an essential skill for anyone who deals with people, whether it’s interdepartmental or with a client, corporate affiliate, corporate competitor or supplier. Depending on the situation, various programs will be held with some or all of the people involved. And it is especially important for CIOs who are entrusted with sensitive and confidential information.

    When someone—be it a staff member, a manager, or even a C-level executive— is behaving in a manner contrary to human dignity, mutual respect, corporate policy and/or ethics, it is all the more important to help them become aware of the consequences of their behavior (as well as the consequences of those consequences). Only then can they assume proper responsibility for their actions and make the necessary changes in their behavior.

    In this customized Geodesic Team Development™ Module, there is room for flexibility: Certain people will receive one-on-one coaching; others might attend group seminars.

    Every situation is different. The intention is to have as much buy-in as possible for the greatest number of people.

    So ultimately, as the saying goes: “Everyone plays nice in the sandbox…”


  26. The Power of Three: Team Building, Presentation Skills & Stress Management For Powerful Geodesic Team Building…Dr. Meredith Gardner incorporates in this Module ancient Chinese wisdom regarding the concept of collaboration.

  27. Explore relevant top secrets for transforming your work group into a cohesive team. Individually and collectively, realize your fullest potential while supporting others to achieve theirs! Turn new ideas into action for meeting your “game plan.”

    Presentation Skills… Jump-start your presentation skills by learning quick and effective tips for engaging an audience from a double perspective, whether you are presenting in front of a group or participating in a discussion from the sidelines. Create the best impression of yourself that you can because you are noticed wherever you are! [Learn More]

    Stress Management…Learn how to keep your cool in an unpredictable world. Explore simple yet powerful methods for managing your reactions to difficult people and situations, stressing you out and causing anxiety. Apply tools for distinguishing what’s in your control, and what isn’t. You’ll have an easier time at work and life by dropping the inner conflict. When you do, you’ll be happier and more productive on the roller coaster.

    Using collective energies please join us to laugh, learn, and meet new colleagues! Join us in making this quantum leap during this interactive, fun, and practical experience.


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